Formerly known as
The Young Adult, Cathedral and Gospel Choir Members of  Bethel AME Church, Los Angeles, CA

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Reunion Luncheon, May 22, 2010, Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

This pic was taken after the luncheon.  Many of you had already wandered away from the area.  If you're not pictured, it's because you had already left us.  We'll get you next time!  A Keepsakes Memory Package of this (and past events) is available for order.  See the "Memories-Reunion Events" page in this website for details on how to order.

Welcome to your site, Bethelameans.  We come from so many different  "eras" of the (formerly titled) Young Adult, Cathedral & Gospel Choirs of Bethel AME Church, but we're all one in spirit and mind, as our beloved director, Mr. Frank Williams, Jr. is the reason for such.

As we look back, and travel toward our future, let's stay connected to one another.  It has been the desire of "everyone" to reunite every now and then for social and ministry opportunities.  This site will enable us to get information we need for our upcoming events and activities.  Stay blessed...

"I Feel The Spirit Moving"

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